The hallway is the first place to be seen when your visitors come in your house from the front door. So it will represent your home to leave the first impression on your gusts. In order to make this place warm and welcoming, you’d better to ensure it is clean and tidy. Here are some home decorating ideas to make your hallway organized, attractive and beautiful.
Building a narrow long seat to the hallway is really one of the popular options. You can add a plush cushion and a few decorative pillows for extra comfort. You can choose two baskets to put under the seat, which can help you store small home items. Sitting on the hallway seat to changing shoe will be really convenient and also be quite comfortable.
You also can install some shelf on the top wall to store some items that are not often used. Under the shelf, you also can install a hook rail to hang your clothes. However, the below shelf can be used to place your shoes.
When you return home, the first thing will be changing shoes. So it is really necessary to place a shoe cabinet in the hallway. Just seen in the picture, the open style shoe cabinet with several layers design offers huge storage for shoes. You also can hang a basket or put a basket on the shoe cabinet to store your small items.
Arranging a console table in the hallway is also great idea to add some extra function to the hallway. The big round mirror can effectively enlarge the visual space. Adding some decorative items to the console table will make this place full of character and sophisticated charm. You also can take full advantage of the under table space to place your shoes.
Though your hallway is small, you also can beautify it to make it attractive. Installing a shelf on the top wall and then arrange two potted plants on the shelf. On the wall, you also can hanging some decorative painting. I believe this decorating idea will make your hallway look fresh and natural.
Add a gallery wall to spice up a hallway. Taking advantage of both sides of the wall with a collection of picture frames adds symmetry and interest to your design.
Add built-ins or bookshelves. If your hallway is really narrow and also long, you can take advantage of that long expanse and using it as a library. The build-ins and bookshelf will also be great place to place your decorative items, such as photo frame.