The outdoor space of a home is usually an extension of the indoor living area. Whether it’s a patio or a lawn, during the summer season every homeowner should want to decorate it, make it comfortable, stylish and relaxing. When space is tight and you can’t afford to include that many items in the backyard, you have to work with the limited space available. Depending on your personal style and budget, you can decorate a backyard to function as a picnic spot, soiree, or you can make it a relaxation spot for a Sunday siesta.
Patio furniture brings function and comfort to an outdoor space. Comfortable chairs, spacious dining tables, cushions, hammocks, gazebos, and swings are just some items you can include. However, if space is limited and you can’t really afford to add many decor items, here are some tips to help you widen your patio and make it seem spacious, airy, and rejuvenating.
Choosing the right patio furniture
If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard, placing a huge sofa in the middle is not a really smart thing to do. Scale the furniture to the available space, and invest in items that can keep your space wide open. As for the actual decorations, you are advised to keep things simple, consistent, and architectural. Don’t combine too many styles, stick to a smart color combinations, and purchase furniture pieces that are weather-proof.
Cushions and blankets are okay during the day, but you may want to bring them inside the house in the evening because they are susceptible to catching mildew and moisture. Outdoor furniture pieces made of rattan and wicker are excellent for the patio. They’re lightweight and weatherproof, which means they fit perfectly in any type of space.
Strategic lighting
Apart from enhancing your home’s safety, proper lighting in the backyard can widen your space. Embedded lights, such as the ones placed in stepping stones will make a patio seem appealing and interesting, even if the available space is tight. Landscape lights illuminate fences, walls, and walkways, and they can completely change your patio’s general allure. Solar lighting is a smart way to bring a bit of mystery into your backyard. They’re sustainable and when fully charged, they light up a garden and make it lively and spacious.
Personalize your outdoor space
We love outdoor spaces in the summer because they make us want to relax more and enjoy the beautiful weather. If your backyard is a tiny garden where you can barely place a table and a chair, the smartest way to make more space is to have a focal point. The latest trend in patio decor is to give gardens a feng shui vibe.
Place a water feature in the middle (make sure it’s not too big), and listen to the water stream. The soothing sound will certainly make you feel rejuvenated. Put a small table on one side of the patio, and leave more space for chairs, hammocks, and swings. The goal of an outer space is to be comfortable. Some other accessories you can add are bamboo pots, flowers, and lanterns to create an interesting mood and wow your guests.
Color combinations
The easiest way to make room in a backyard is to trick the eye into believing the space is a lot wider. You can do that by decorating in the right color combinations. Since we’re talking about a space outside, green should be a dominant color. Mix it with warm shades of pastels and nudes to give it a clean, uplifting vibe. Although it’s nice to place all kinds of flowers and beautifully colored plants in the backyard, you cannot afford to include many hue combinations because the space will become too cluttered.  
Be smart and stick to the basics. Beige, white, light pink blankets and cushions work perfectly with flowers in the same nuances. When a space is decorated harmoniously, it instantly becomes uniform, wider, and more relaxing.
Small-sized decorations
When outdoor space is limited you can’t add voluminous decor items. What you can do is add small-sized decorations. Place many flower pots, lamps, and other decorations if you want, but make sure their size is reduced. There’s no point in including a big, tall table either; place a small one instead, and stay away from regular chairs – include stools. They don’t take up much space which means they’re excellent for a small backyard.
Dual-purpose furniture items are excellent for the outdoors. Folding tables, rattan seating with storage compartments and benches with shelves and incorporated chairs save up a lot of space. Never purchase anything without having measured the space and furniture items in advance. In stores, furniture pieces seem okay in size, but when you get home you realize they are too big.
Outdoor flooring
There are many ideas you can consider for outdoor flooring. Wooden tiles, wooden planks, stone, concrete, artificial grass, and bamboo textures are all suitable for a backyard. However, when you have to deal with a limited space, you have to make a smart decision and select flooring that can widen your outdoor space not shrinks it. Stone flooring is an excellent way to give your space a Zen vibe.
If your living room opens up to the backyard, and you want to give the impression of continuity and space, opt for flooring in the same color patterns. Make sure the decor is similar too. Your nude sofa and red drapes from the living room will be perfectly combined with the beige blankets and red flowers from the backyard.
If your home doesn’t have a spacious backyard, you can work with the available space and bring changes to make it seem wider. Think outside the box, choose all-natural color combos, stick to pastel shades, and add smart decor items. Always think about the space and keep it neat. Water streams, hammocks, tables and chairs are okay, as long as they’re not too voluminous to clutter your backyard and make it seem crowded.