Rustic farmhouse design is a nostalgic style that borrows from a past era, before cheap plastic and synthetic fabrics. In a real farmhouse, everything was reused and repurposed. Mason jars served as flower vases and trunks were used for storage and tables.

Modern farmhouses borrow the same thinking to create imaginative, live-in homes that are cozy and inviting. If you’re seeking this popular look, you may be wondering where to start. Check out these 10 rustic farmhouse decorating ideas for your living room!

1. Chalkboard Wall

No farmhouse-style living room is complete without a chalkboard wall. Hang a small chalkboard as part of a larger gallery wall, or paint a whole wall using chalkboard paint.

2. Sliding Barn Doors

Looking for unique farmhouse living room decorating ideas? Sliding barn doors are a stylish statement that will draw everyone’s attention. Barn doors are a great way to section off the living room from the hallway while still creating a nice flow to the space.

3. Oversized Slipcovered Couch

A cozy, slipcovered couch is the centerpiece of any classic farmhouse living room. Because the couch has a slipcover, you’ll never have to worry too much about spills.

4. Cable Spool Clock

Cable spool clocks are a fun way to incorporate vintage and rustic design in a functional way. Choose an oversized clock to make a real statement!

5. Window Pane Decor

Vintage window panes are popular for wall decor in a rustic farmhouse living room. Find them at antique stores or at the flea market. You can even repaint them to match the color scheme of your space.

6. Vintage Trunk Storage

An old trunk is ideal for storing blankets, games, or toys. Use the trunk as a coffee table or side table to save even more space in a smaller living room.

7. Wood Ladder

Wood ladders give the perfect natural touch to a farmhouse living room. Add one to your built-in shelving for easy access to books and keepsakes.

8. Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture was popular in farmhouse style because of its durability and practicality. Bring back the look with synthetic rattan, which is easier to care for and more affordable.

9. Accent Walls

Create a rustic vibe with a distressed or reclaimed wood accent wall. You can buy accent walls by the panel to fit any size wall perfectly. This will add interest to the space and bring in the look of a real farmhouse.

10. Antler Decor

Life on a real farm is sure to include hunting and caring for farm animals, so antlers are a natural choice for farmhouse decor. Incorporate antlers with wall hangings or use as a centerpiece for the coffee table.

Happy Decorating!

Choosing accents like sliding barn doors, wood ladders, and reclaimed wood walls will bring a warmth and coziness to even the most basic room. You’ll love gathering with friends and family in your farmhouse-style living room. Happy decorating!