Every year brings new trends in home design and decor. The use of different colors, textures, motifs, and styles in home decor move up and down in terms of popularity. You may love some of these trends, while others leave you unenthusiastic, so you can pick and choose. Are you the classic type of homeowners, or do you fancy striking, bold designs? Here are some of the top trends in home decor for 2014.

Grays and pastels
These two color trends are both big in 2014, though they give very different effects. For a sophisticated look, gray is the most popular neutral tone of 2014. In particular, the warmer shades of gray, with a reddish undertone, are in demand right now. It’s a versatile color choice, and many people are switching their beige walls to a warm gray right now. For a brighter, cheerier look, pastels are a fun and popular choice now. You can paint walls in Easter egg colors and combine that with traditional furniture to create a romantic look. Pastels are also great for painting flea market furniture finds, to give them a fun, feminine flair.
For more vivid accents, this year’s color is turquoise. This isn’t just the pale version of the color, either. People are using bright, saturated tones of turquoise in various ways now. You’ll find this on furniture, accent pieces, upholstery designs, and even wall coverings. It’s an interesting counterpoint to all of the low-key grays.
Painted furniture
Updating vintage furniture is a big trend right now. People search the yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores for old, worn, unappreciated pieces, and give them a second life. An earlier trend was to buy old furniture pieces like that and paint them white, but now people are moving into color. A couple of coats of brightly colored paint can give that retro piece an entirely new look.
Brass and gold
Silver, aluminum and chrome were in fashion for a long time, but now the trend is switching towards the warmer colors of brass and gold. You will see these appearing more frequently in doorknobs, kitchen hardware, and light fixtures. Often, a soft texture works better than a bright metallic shine. You can also use gold accents in other ways around the home to pick up on this trend.
Indoor/outdoor furniture
The line between furniture for indoors and outdoors is definitely blurring. Outdoor fabrics come in a wider range of stylish patterns than ever before. Furniture designs for outdoor use are also continually innovating, with more attractive offerings on the market. Your options for stylish outdoor decorating are almost endless. Soon this will reach the point where you think about using some of your patio furniture indoors. 
Glamorous kitchens
In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather. Designers are now dressing up kitchen decor with rich jeweled tones on walls and cabinets, and warm brass hardware. Signature light fixtures add drama, and counters and backsplashes incorporate beautiful stones and minerals. Designers have created composite counter materials that look like agate, malachite, or other exotic stones. It all gives your kitchen a rich, elegant look.
Designer furniture elements
Who doesn’t love designer furniture? Unfortunately, very few can afford to buy it. One of the smartest ways of adorning your home with quality pieces is to shop from flea markets, garage sales, and vintage shops. There are many people looking to switch from a classic style to a contemporary, so if they’re selling, you’re buying. Make small but meaningful investments. Buy a beautiful designer coffee table, and try not to spend a lot of money on sofas, chairs, bookcases and so on. One expensive piece is enough to light up your home.
This 2014, we want to see homes pop up. Bright color combinations, soothing patterns and mixed textures, interesting accessories, and vintage designer furniture are just some ideas you should consider. Open up the living room to the backyard and bring the garden inside the house. Nice floral arrangements, herbs, and decorative pots will certainly add a touch of innovation to your personal space. Think outside the box, watch out for the coolest trends, and enjoy the multitude of interior decor ideas.