Most women always have irresistible passion and love for fashion shoes. Even if they have a “shoe mountain” in their houses, they will never give up buying one more pair. For different types of shoes, how can you store them to get them easily and also keep the home organized? The following ideas will teach you how to creatively store your favorite shoes

1. Hang your shoes on the wall

Have you ever hang the shoes on the wall? It is quite simple and easy: you just need to hammer nails on the wall, and then hang the shoes on the nails. This idea ensures you to pick up shoes easily and also help to decorate the blank all.

2. Put the shoes in the tray

If your porch is narrow, you can get a tray to store your shoes after you enter the house. As a result, your dirty shoes will not make your floor dirty the floor. The tray will not take too much space. But it just can support one pair of shoes.

3. Display the shoes on shoe rack behind your door

For your favorite shoes, the creative and well-regulated display will make your house look organized. With it, you can fully take advantage of the space behind the door. You can get a stylish shoe rack from market and then install it behind your door. Affordable and concise, it will save you much home space and also ensure you to pick-and-place the shoes conveniently.

4. Store the shoes in drawer type shoe cabinet

A drawer type Shoe Cabinet also offers you creative way to store the shoes. You can see in the picture, the shoes are placed in the direction of shoes. When you want to pick them, just pull out the drawer. It is very simple and easy. You also can store other small home accessories in the drawer, such as keys and umbrella.

5. Store shoes on multi-layered shelves

If you have enough space in your home, you can build a shelve special for the shoes. You can use the wood to divide the space into layered shelves and then neatly put your shoes on the shelves. These layers shelves just look like the racks in the supermarket.

6. Hang the shoes on revolving shoe rack

It is also fancy idea to buy a revolving shoe rack. Have a look at the shoe rack in the picture: it has three layers and ten hooks on each layer to offer enough hooks for your shoes. It takes little space and when your shoes on the rack, shoes are not easy to give out unpleasant smells.

7. Store the shoes in magnetic shoe rack

Magnetic shoe rack table takes advantage of the magnet to be adsorbed on the wall.  With it, you can flexibly use the small space to store your sports shoes, slippers, children’s shoes, high heels, sandals at any room corner. And the powerful magnets can be freely installed on the wall.