Adorning a table with linens is an excellent way of creating a soothing ambiance in the dining room area. Consider some important factors prior to buying table cloths such as: fabric, size, color, and match some of the elements with the rest of your decor. Are you looking for casual covers? Or do you want to impress your guests with expensive, luxurious table linens? Add value to your dinner table and don’t forget about placemats, table runners, and napkins. Include chic accessories such as candles, flowers, and vases, and give your table a special allure this summer season. Here are some ideas for cool table linens.
Textured table linens
Patterns and prints make table linens seem expensive and sophisticated. Texture adds a feeling of depth; such table clothes are more appropriate for the dining area. Choose heavy material blends, and make a sensible investment. Natural fibers are the best because they’re affordable and you won’t have to iron them all the time to look good. Cotton is sensitive and it usually requires gentle washing. For a more luxurious, exclusivist feel, Irish linen and Egyptian cotton are excellent choices.
Smart color combos
Pastels are in trends this summer season, so if you’re out shopping for table linens, keep that aspect in mind. Go for shades of light pink, mint, yellow, and baby blue to add freshness into your home. Pastel linens are excellent in the kitchen and dining area. They can be easily combined with placemats in stronger color palettes, as well as with traditional china and seasonal flowers.
Exquisite embroideries
Embroidered runners, organza sheer tablecloths, discreet appliqués, and transparent satin linens are all excellent covers for a cool dining table. Most embroidery is done manually, which means these linens are more expensive. Fortunately, they’re made of durable materials (cotton, silk, linen, organic bamboo and more), and they’re quite easy to wash and iron. Exquisite embroideries will give your space a vintage allure, which will certainly appeal to family and friends.
Infinite stripes  
Stripes are back in style this summer season. Go for black & white combinations, and make your dining area seem contemporary and modern. Match the tablecloth with your striped curtains and add volume to a tiny room. Striped linens add sophistication and continuity to a table. They make spaces seem wide and open, and they’re excellent in rooms decorated in simple color combos. If your kitchen is too dull and gloomy, placing beautifully colored table linens with many stripes will bring it back to life.
Traditional accents
Table linens can completely change the general appearance of a room. Lace embroideries and specific colors of green and textured patterns make a table seem royal, opulent, and extravagant. This vintage-like style is suitable for simple homes that need a bit of extravagance to make them look different. Include classic accessories such as traditional napkins, old-fashioned china, vintage lamps, and beautifully decorated vases with seasonal flowers.
Table linens for outside areas of the house
In the summer, the dining room relocates to the backyard. Homeowners want to enjoy the nice weather to organize family meetings, picnics, and relaxing lunches. To make guests feel special, the table has to look seasonal, too. Cotton and bamboo linens are the best for summer. They’re lightweight, easy to wash, and they have a summer vibe everyone will adore. Unlike heavier materials, cotton looks airy and it feels fresh.
What’s great about cotton is that the variety of colors and patterns is endless. Mix purple table linens with those lavender flower pots nearby, or choose polka-dots table cloths and leafy placemats to add layering and create beautiful patterns on the dining table. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, the eating area must constantly look chic and interesting. Table linens have that wow effect, and thus they can make the whole backyard seem incredibly modern and rejuvenating.
Cool table linens should also be adorned with interesting accessories. Match the colors with the napkins, or add some originality by placing flowers in the same shades. Include items such as placemats, and runners in similar palettes, and you’ll certainly adore the end result. Modern linens are all about material choice and color blends. As long as you can beautifully match the colors, you will instantly fall in love with your living room decor.