Double glazing windows are the most popular choice for new windows in the UK and it’s no secret as to why. The benefits of UPVC double glazing far outweigh those of traditional single-glazed windows, including thermal efficiency, increased security and more. But, did you know that installing double glazing windows can actually save you money?

That’s right! Of course, installing double glazing windows requires an initial investment but over time, many features of double-glazed windows will actually save you a lot of money. Kenneth Hislop of Window Advice Centre, double glazing specialists in Glasgow, says; “Many homeowners certainly make their money back from double glazing in lots of different ways. Not only are they long lasting and low maintenance, but their properties can save you a fortune on energy bills too”.

Double Glazing Window

If you are considering news windows for your home, make sure you give some good thought to double glazing. Here’s how double glazing windows can and will save you money.

Double Glazing Windows Are Energy Efficient

Double glazing windows provide increased thermal efficiency for your home due to their clever design. As a result, more warm air is retained within your home, and cool air is kept out. With better thermal efficiency, your energy bills will be significantly reduced, especially during winter months.

Double Glazing Window

Double Glazing Windows Are More Secure

Traditional single-glazed windows with timber frames are no way near as secure as double glazing windows. Single windowpanes and wooden window frames are easily damaged and require costly repairs.

Double glazing windows are much sturdier and more durable, so the likelihood of damage or natural deterioration is incredibly low. As such, very little money is needed for necessary repairs overtime when compared to timber frames and single panes.

Double Glazing Window

Double Glazing Windows Are Built To Last

Did you know that double glazing windows are built to last in excess of 20 years? That’s right! Their durable properties mean that they will stand the test of time, and prove that initial expense incurred on installation would be in fact become a priceless investment for your property. Money is saved as fully replacing windows won’t be necessary for over two decades!

Double Glazing Windows Require Little Maintenance

Single glazed windows with timber frames requires constant maintenance, including treating, painting, cleaning and more. Double glazing windows, on the other hand, do not. The materials they are manufactured from means that little maintenance is sufficient enough to keep these windows in top condition – they do not require painting or treating.

A simple wipe of a cloth to remove any water or residue, and a light application of oil to working mechanisms such as locks and hinges, is enough to retain their intended appearance and functionality. Due to their low maintenance properties, you will spend little time and money on the upkeep of your double glazing windows.

Helpful? We Hope So!

UPVC double glazing windows offer many different aesthetic advantages to tailor your new windows to your desired appearance, but there are still so many benefits that people are unaware of – which are perhaps more important! By installing double glazing windows, you will soon find that you have in fact saved a lot of time and money by doing so.

If you’re unsure as to which style of double glazing window may suit your home, contact your local window company for friendly, no obligation advice and professional recommendations.