Almost all of us love watching HGTV to see the beautiful homes that they create. Designers beautify the rooms on this channel with such grace and subtlety, that you (well, I) often think it would be so easy just to put something together. All we’d need is a few well-timed commercial breaks and a painting montage, and bam! You have an easy-made home living room.

But, unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the real world and, if you have tried to recreate what you see on TV, then you know how expensive and nearly impossible- it really is. For that reason, I decided to create a small list of easy to do, inexpensive decor projects that can fit any budget. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite decor tips that will make your home beautiful without breaking the bank.
1. Cheap Cloth Upholstery
A surprisingly cheap home DIY supply is cloth, and I’m telling you right now that it is a great addition to any home decor. Take your favorite furniture that might be getting a bit old, and staple some great patterns make it match the rest of your decor, of course to the trim or to the surface. It’s an awesome way of refreshing the decor you already have in your living room, bedroom, or what have you without paying a ton of money for new furniture or even professional upholstery.  

Bonus Tip: Michael’s has a huge selection of beads that can add even more flair to your cheaply upholstered furniture. This is perfect for bedside tables and even coffee tables (if you are feeling a bit adventurous).

2. Candle Displays

I don’t know why, but one thing I always love doing in my home is making liberal use of candles. No matter if you want unscented real candles, fake candles, scented fake candles, or what, candles can be a great way to (figuratively) light any room on fire! Just get a cheap platter, buy candles of different sizes, and arrange them however you want, and presto! You’ve got a super cheap – and super pretty – centerpiece that you can put literally anywhere. The only thing difficult part of this is choosing the store that you get the candles from, as candles vary greatly in price and quality. Just make sure you do your research before you buy!

3. Home Made Wood Furniture and Furnishings

Granted, this idea takes a bit of skill and you might have to do a bit of researching online if you’ve never done woodworking before but, wood furniture is truly a great way to make your house look rustic and beautiful (and wood is extremely cheap!). Of course, when we say “furniture”, we mean easy to make things (not couches and full tables). From coat racks, to small bedside tables, to even homemade decorations, there is a boatload of easy-to-make items that you can make, even with little experience with woodworking. So, try it out, and see what you can do with just a table saw, and a bit of extra lumber!

4. Re-making Old Furniture

It’s a fact of life that old furniture starts breaking down after a certain amount of time, and replacing that furniture can sometimes be extremely expensive. However, if you want to avoid the expense of replacing an entire chest of drawers or bed, why not spruce it up instead? Sometimes, all you need is a sander, some fresh paint, and some new knobs, and you’ll be able to make your old, busted up dresser look good as new! Just make sure you have a game plan going in, or you’ll end up having a lot more trouble than it’s worth. 
Happy Decorating!
Tyler Fleck is a multipurpose blogger who loves making beautiful home décor designs. He also enjoys using candles just a bit too much in his designs, which is why this post was written on the behalf of We Party Wick-less.