A kitchen remodel sounds like a giant overhaul—you have to consider the counters, cabinets, lighting, backsplash, and more. You may even have an appliance or two that needs upgrading. But there’s an easier way to renovate your kitchen that doesn’t involve losing tons of money or time. Discover the best way to remodel your kitchen on a budget by using these helpful insights.

Budget for Your Dream Renovation

The national average for a kitchen remodel runs about $22,000, but your kitchen can receive an upgrade for much cheaper! Most of that money gets spent on installation, appliances, or cabinet set. Depending on how much of your kitchen you want to change, you can plan and budget before any hammers are swung. Before you being a renovation, decide what price range works best for your budget. Understand that you may spend more than you budgeted for, so leave room for any add-ons or unexpected costs.

How to Choose What Design Fits Best for You

When you’re working on a budget, smarter planning pays off. For example, if your first priority is receiving brand-new kitchen countertops, place most of your budget in that category, and DIY some of the other kitchen work, like laying flooring or installing faucets. Choose a cheaper backsplash option so you have room in your budget for those quartz counters or gold handles you’ve been eyeing.
The key to a successful kitchen renovation is balancing your budget to fit the items you most want or need. Is your oven range or fridge on its last legs? Set aside some money for new appliances, or check the clearance sections of appliance stores for deals. Do you want to paint your kitchen an entirely new color? Try to DIY the painting so you have room in your budget left over for other big-ticket items.

It’s All in the Details

You can find easy, DIY options for the smaller kitchen details like hardware or paint. Keep a priority list on-hand so you can remember what items in your dream kitchen are most important to you. You can also work with a renovation consultant or designer to plan and budget for the type of kitchen that works best for your family.
To save money, you can keep your kitchen layout the same but invest in quality cabinets to brighten the room. You can also keep your existing cabinets and simply change the finish on them to bring a new look to your home. It’s all about finding these creative solutions that will make your remodel even more amazing.

Keep Your Dream at the Front of Your Mind

No matter what kind of kitchen you’re dreaming of, the first step is writing down your vision and actually getting started! To learn more and to plan your budget ahead of time, check out this infographic from the team at Superior Stone & Cabinet in Phoenix, Arizona: