A lot of homes simply don’t have space for the type of dream kitchen you see in magazines. Many homes have kitchens that are somewhat small and cramped, without the ideal amount of work and storage space. If your kitchen falls into that category, you have a couple of options. You can do a big renovation that includes knocking down walls to expand the kitchen, or you can make use of decorating tricks and techniques that will make your kitchen look bigger and airier, even without moving the walls. Here are a few ways to do this.

Get lots of light

A room that is filled with light will seem bigger than the same room when it’s darker. Natural light is the best. Try not to block your windows or cover them with blinds, so that they let in as much sunlight as possible. Adding a skylight also brings in the daylight and makes a room feel more open and airy. To make your kitchen look wider, the windows and the walls should be painted with white. This shade is excellent for tiny spaces, not to mention that if you want to bring in some color, you can always do that with kitchen accessories.

Make it white

When you do a kitchen in white, it makes the room seem bigger, brighter, and airier. You can use white painted walls and cabinets, white countertops in marble or soap stone, and white tile on the floor or backsplash. White gives the room a clean, classy look. If your home kitchen is small, painting it white will make it seem 3 times bigger. This beautiful color reflects light; the walls will withdraw and your whole space will feel a lot airier.

Paint the cabinets in white, too, to create continuity without boundaries or edges. The eye will be fooled into believing that your kitchen has more space. Combine shades of white with other similar nuances. Include beige, lemon and create contrast with the textures. For a wow effect, you can also include glass bowls and vases into the kitchen. It will look transparent, sheer, and incredibly spacious.

Double duty

Set up your kitchen so that areas can do double duty, thereby economizing on space. For example, if you have a table that is the same height as the counters, you can use it for food preparation when you’re cooking and as a dining table when the food is done. This expands your available work surfaces, and saves you the space of adding a separate table.

Match cabinets and walls

Cabinets are usually one of the most visually heavy elements in a kitchen. If you paint your cabinets the same color as the walls, it eliminates the visual boundaries and they seem to blend into the wall. This creates an optical illusion that makes the cabinets seem to recede, and makes the room look bigger than it really is.

Recess storage

Adding storage space into recessed spaces between wall studs is an excellent way to make use of otherwise wasted space. It’s not hard to add a recessed niche, with shelving that is perfect for spices or other kitchen essentials. You get added storage space, while not taking anything away from the existing space in the kitchen.

Remove clutter

If your countertops and cabinets are covered with knickknacks, gadgets, and clutter, it makes the room seem overly full, as though you don’t have space to store everything. Instead, try to hide some of this clutter away behind closed doors, especially the items that are rarely used.

Buy small furniture

Look for kitchen furniture that takes up a minimum amount of floor space. Avoid furniture that is chunky, heavy, or dark. You can find slim chairs, small kitchen islands, narrow bar stools, and small-circumference dining tables. This leaves you with more floor space in your kitchen, and gives you more visual space as well.

Are you ready to make your kitchen look bigger and airier? All you need is white paint. Use it for walls, cabinets, and countertops, and transform your cooking area into the most soothing and breathtaking room of the house. Decorate it in style, include warm colors of baby blue, mint, and lemon, and enjoy the fresh vibe your kitchen oozes.