If you’re into home improvement, you know that gardens are one of the most fun parts to update. They’re beautiful, yet still have a lot of improvement potential. If you’re one of those who love working on their garden, here’s 5 fresh ideas to make it special and unique.

1.Recycle bottles

Help the planet and your garden by converting glass and plastic bottles into pots and containers. This task can be easily done with kids, and will give your garden a natural, organic look by revealing the soil and the plant roots. Bottles can add really unique colours and reflections to the garden.

2.Go vertical

Vertical space is often underused even though it’s really practical and nice-looking. You can use climbing plants, hanging pots, vertical plant stands, plant theaters, shelves, walls… Literally anything you can think of. Vertical gardens are cheap, practical and beautiful.

3.Build a pathway

Building a pathway is a great way to make your garden original and cosy. You can either do it with wood board or rocks depending on the type of look you need for your garden. For the last touch, try adding flowers and plants in between the boards or rocks. Stunning.

4.Give your fences a new look

Painting fences is a really easy way to add extra colour and life and make your garden stand out from the rest. You just need a brush, some wood paint, time and patience. If you’re worried about time, we assure you children will love to help on this too!

5.Hang plants on trees

Remember the point about vertical space? You can go even further by hanging baskets, containers or pots on trees using ropes and hooks, and make the plants stand out thanks to this original idea that will get everyone’s attention.