Co-living offers an affordable solution and a new to live an exciting life to digital nomads as well as professionals. This may be a term that many people have heard at some point or other in their lifetime. However, you may not know what it means. It is a modern housing solution that gives occupants a chance to live in a good neighbourhood, enjoy many benefits and pay cheap prices. It brings people together, with similar interests.

Is it for you?

You may be wondering if it is for you and whether it is feasible. Co-living apartments most often involve living with people who share similar interests as you do. It gives you the opportunity to experience big city living on a small budget. The homes or apartments like in Manor apartments are often fully furnished and include services like free wi-fi, maid services and access to amenities like the pool and gymnasium. It is a great way for people to live more sustainably. It is more about communities and building relationships than about consumption and competition. People residing in these shared apartments or houses come from different walks of life and range from their 20s to retired folk. They include professionals, creatives, artists needing inspiration and even students. It encourages sustainable living as it encourages people to share their resources and enjoy more face to face encounters with people.

People who are unable to rent or buy real estate on their own, and want to see and experience the world, or aren’t ready to decide on a place to settle down, will find shared living beneficial. If you are afraid that you won’t get any privacy from living with that many individuals, think again. Even though it encourages socializing and networking, you can enjoy privacy and time to yourself when needed. Everyone has times when they need to unwind and be alone and everyone understands this even in shared living.

Its not just for millennials

The myth about shared living is that it is for millennials. People of differing ages are enjoying and taking full advantage of this trend. However, older people have grasped this new way of living and are embracing it as well. In many of the agencies, the average age is 38-50.

Make the decision

Home owners go out of their way to ensure their homes are fully functional, comfortable and safe. They ensure that the dwellers are happy and well-catered to. Regardless of your age or budget, there is a shared living apartment for you. It is the best decision when considering the area that you would like to settle down in, as you can rent an apartment with no commitments. This is ideal as you will have a feel for the area first, before taking the big step of settling down.

Shared living offers a new way of living which is exciting, free and budget friendly. With a simple search online, you will find many great options for shared living spaces in your desired locations. There are any benefits from sharing a home with different people, especially if you aren’t afraid of taking a few risks and meeting interesting people.