Winter is around the corner and you may be wondering how you can insulate your windows for the cold weather ahead. Many of us will succumb to turning up the thermostat in our homes, and with it, the energy bills soar. However, take a closer look at your window to possibly save you money and stop drafts from entering.

Five ways to insulate windows for winter

  1. Rubber weather stripping – These are available in self stick rubber strips at your local hardware store or online. You should carefully cut strips to fit your window dimensions, then peel and stick the strip as close to any gaps as possible. This will keep drafts out. The strips are cheap and effective. They don’t affect the way your windows look however when you peel the rubber strips off, they may remove some of the paint or leave a residue.
  2. Window insulation film – Clear window insulation film is cheap, and one kit can cover about 5 windows. If it is applied in the correct manner, it won’t affect the look of your window. The strips are generally heated with a hairdryer once applied, to shrink the film and remove any possible wrinkles. However, if the film is not applied correctly, it will give the window a cloudy look.
  3. Insulated glass replacement – It is important to ensure your windows are insulated. If they are new windows, you can choose to do insulation on your own however if you have old windows, you may want to replace them with newer model insulated glass.
  4. Cellular shades – These insulate your window while still allowing light to infiltrate the room. They may be order custom cut from home design stores. They also come in standard sizes that can be accessed online. Step by step instructions on how to install them correctly are available online. They can be expensive and don’t insulate as well as curtains.
  5. Insulated curtains – You can use heavy fabric curtains to keep the cold air from entering your home through its windows. You may even find thermal insulated curtains with a thermal insulated backing. Thick curtains tend to prevent too much light from entering the home. These curtains can be custom made and matched with your décor however they are expensive and, in some instances, block too much light.
  6. Draft snakes – these are fabric tubes which are placed on window sills and under doors to stop heat or cold from entering. They are ideal for older homes where there is a big gap under the doors, however, can be beneficial for windows too. They can be made using material and rice or beans.

Cold can enter your home in many ways, even through quality windows that may not be in optimal shape. Fenestration is not just a major way that heat is lost in the home, but it is also one of the easiest to attend to. Insulation of your home’s windows can be done on your own by consulting online resources.