Is your home calling for renovations? Or wondering how to match the house with your seasoned vibes? To get the desired look, it is better to do a little research to verify your hired home improvement contractor is the right person you’re trusting with your house.

Below are a few questions you can ask while choosing a potential remodeling contractor.

1. Have you engineered a project similar to ours? (If yes) May I see some projects and the client’s referral?

However, there’s no right or wrong answer in this prospect, but it is better to check the background of the person and have worked on the projects comparable to yours.

Asking for the contractor’s previous work portfolio and clients’ referrals will give you a notion of his work.

2. Are you legally licensed and what type of comp insurance do your employees have?

The answer you should always seek is a yes. A legit company will always have a registered license and current insurance under the company’s name. As a homeowner, you have the right to ask for companies’ documents to ensure they have skills, experience, and knowledge. It will work as a guarantee for a person getting hurt on-site or your assets won’t be at risk.

3. What’s your timeline and estimated budget with the payment acceptance method?

Ultimately, you’ll be needing an extensive picture of how the process will take place and how much the materials will cost along with labor. Well, you don’t have to know the exact date, a good and experienced contractor will give you an informed idea and fairly approximate itemized estimation of what it will cost.

Payment methods depend on the company’s norms. It is advisable never to pay all the money before the job is done.

4. Who will be working in my house every day and how can I contact them?

Your contractor will be a project manager/supervisor, and he may have a work crew working for him from carpenter, painter to electrician, and plumber. Therefore, getting directly the contractor’s working contact number to keep updated who will be working when and for how long.

5. Who will oversee the work progress?

The contractor is the manager, hence, is in charge to oversee the progress of the work and his crew each day on the site to ensure the work is going as planned and discussed and make sure he gives you a daily report on the work progress.

6. What guarantee do you provide for your work? Can I get that in writing?

You get two types of guarantee- Defective Materials and Labor Accidents. You don’t want to hire a contractor who can’t provide you with a written guarantee, including clauses and conditions of how they will work and what happens if either of the parties violated the contract.

7. What is the process to call upon you for any future changes/requirements?

Most of the home renovators offer after-completion services to their clients, which is included in their guarantee clause with a detailed timeline and budget.

Final Thoughts

Though, making renovations after complete construction of a home is a challenging aspect. If you’re still oscillating on how this works, then for more information and queries, you can refer to the experts who contribute home improvement blogs their tips and ideas from the real-time experiences.