What is a roof hatch?

Access doors are engineered for specific settings and purposes. If there is a need to access the roof of a building, builders utilize roof hatches. A roof hatch is made of heavy-duty materials with several modifications for enhanced security in commercial buildings. These horizontal doors provide access to utilities located in the roof from inside buildings through the use of a ladder.

Importance of a roof hatch

Installing a roof hatch offers significant advantages more than you can imagine. It’s a necessity in commercial, industrial and even residential buildings. If you want to know why you should include a roof hatch installation in your construction plans, please continue reading on this page.

It helps maintain the optimum condition of your building utilities.

Building utilities such as HVAC, electrical, solar panels, communication, and other roof-mounted equipment are easily reached during maintenance or repair schedules utilizing a roof hatch. Typically, with a large or walk-through opening, hatches allow secure and convenient entry to service personnel for the conduct of the necessary work around components. Additionally, these doors also facilitate the removal of large equipment out of the building.

It provides for easy structure inspection and maintenance.

On top of providing service maintenance to building components, the roof structure itself, also benefits from a roof hatch installation. When access to roofs is readily available anytime, it’s easy to spot any developing structural problems, thus, giving way to early roof repairs. Instead of reaching the roof of a building from the outside, interior access would be a much safer and convenient way when fixing roof issues.

It assists with fire-safety in buildings.

There is no fire rated roof hatches, but they may be equipped with smoke detectors or fire rated doors that cover the opening. This allows the roof hatch to open in the event of a fire, clearing smoke off the building.

Selecting a roof hatch for your specific needs

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to buying a roof hatch. Knowing relevant factors such as the type of application or facility, the purpose of installation and product cost will help you find the right material without taking a lot of time and effort.

Purpose of installation

Is the purpose of roof access to allow personnel entry or moving large equipment in or out of a building? Answering this question will determine the size of the roof hatch you should install. For personnel access, it will only require a small, single cover hatch matched with a ladder that can be fixed, ship or service stair. On the other hand, roof hatch that allows entry of large equipment is notably larger and have double covers. Hatches that serve the purpose of equipment access may require customized hardware.

Type of facility

Location or type of facility is a relevant factor in choosing a floor access door. Different setups such as high security or corrosive areas or one that requires special aesthetic considerations call for different material makeup or modifications. For high security applications, a roof hatch must be designed to provide protection against unauthorized access. Whereas, domed roof hatches serve for the aesthetic function, allowing natural light into the building and providing a creative working environment.

Product cost

How much is your budget? Going directly to a product selection that is within your budget range can save you time. Choosing from a galvanized or aluminum roof hatch, the latter is slightly more expensive than the former with special features that include a mill finish and a high level of corrosion resistance. Hatches that are customized in size to meet application requirements involve high cost.

Ready to buy a roof hatch, now? Aside from remembering these key factors, it is equally important to invest in companies that are willing to provide assistance in finding the best material for your project. Go to your nearest hardware store or shop online now!