Are you planning to redesign your small bathroom but don’t know where to start? If so, then you may want to hire a company that specializes in redesigning & remodeling bathrooms.

However, aside from hiring a company, there are other ways that you can do and here are some of them:

  1. Add A Mirror Wall

Incorporating mirrors across the wall may double the feel and look of your small bathroom. Mirrors, on the other hand, are great when it comes to reflecting light. As a result, you will be able to obtain more lighting from your windows and light fixtures.

  1. Use a faucet that is wall-mounted

If you want to free up some space in your small bathroom, then consider using a wall-mounted faucet. Don’t worry because such faucets come in traditional designs, it means they will perfectly work anywhere.

  1. Go for a corner sink

A pedestal sink is difficult to fit in a small-sized bathroom. So when you are redesigning your bathroom it is best that you make use of a corner sink since it is constructed to fit in the corner with ease.

  1. Use big patterns

When redesigning a small bathroom, opt for patterns that are big in sizes such as wide stripes and large squares. The best thing about these patterns is that they will make a small space look bigger.

  1. Use a glass panel

A 5-feet wide bathroom is enough to accommodate a 30-inch by 60-inch tub and a toilet. So if your bathroom isn’t too big, consider using a glass panel rather than a shower door. Doing so will actually keep the majority of water in your shower and loosen the needed elbow space.

  1. Install the towel bar on the shower door

Since space is restricted, installing the towel bar on the shower door comes in handy. In fact, this will not only free up some space, but you can also get your towels with ease.

  1. Use a shower curtain

If you have a small bathroom we do not recommend that you use a glass door. Instead, use a shower curtain that goes back and forth since it saves more space than a glass door.


Redesigning a small bathroom is a bit challenging, but as long as you have an idea how to properly do it rest assured that you can make it look and feel bigger. Hopefully, you’ve found this article useful.