Indoor lighting is the most important part of interior designing. If your indoor space lacks proper lighting, it can affect its ambiance in a negative way and make it look dull and uninteresting, no matter how much effort you put into other design aspects. In case you feel your house fails to hold your attention, then it’s time to invest in some stylish lighting fixtures to brighten up its look. Hanging lights are a good way to illuminate the interior space. There’s an astounding variety of simple yet modern hanging lights available in the market right now. But if the price is your main concern, we’ll help you choose the best fixture for your house that is inexpensive and also blends well with the theme of any room in your house. Here is a list of some budget-friendly hanging lights for your house.

  1. Artcraft Olympia AC11151 Pendant Light

This sleek pendant light from Artcraft lends a soft and relaxed feel to your indoor space.  The fixture has a sleek brass pendant that hangs from a black colored canopy. The lamp is mounted at the end of the brass pendant which plays a wonderful contrast against the light beaming out from the bulb. The simple design adapts wonderfully to any kind of decor. You can hang it above the dining table, in the washroom or at the center of your living room to highlight those areas.

  1. Shine HAI Industrial Edison Mini Glass Pendant Lights

Bring an aura of positivity and warmth into your interior space by investing in these ultra-modern Glass pendant lights from Shine HAI. This set of three pendant lights features a see-through glass shade mounted over the bulb. The top part of the shade is connected with a neatly designed metal holder. These lights work great for your living room, kitchen or for lighting up creative spaces like art shops and studios.

  1. Nordlux Lighting DFTP Float 18 Light

This pendant light from Nordlux’ Float light range is best suited for lighting up private indoor space like office, living room or bedroom. The fixture has a contemporary shade made from opal white glass material which throws angled beams of light coming out from the bulb. Walnut wood is used at the top of the lamp shade which gives it an earthy feel. This hanging lamp shade can be installed individually or in clusters at any location depending on your lighting requirements.

  1. Shang Concrete & Bamboo Pendant Light

These pendant lights from Bentu add an interesting feature to your indoor decor with their elegant bamboo and concrete finish. The lights are designed in the shape of a funnel cast from concrete to give it a tough exterior. Each of these hanging lamps has a unique concrete texture which is obtained due to the varying nature of recycled concrete used in their making. Hang them near the entrance or around your dining area individually or together to achieve the illumination you want.

  1. Globe Electric Plugin Pendant Light

Spruce up your living space with this impeccably designed cylindrical plugin pendant light. The neat artistic design of this pendant plugin transforms the look of any room. This lighting fixture has a chrome finish with crystals studded on it to lend a shimmery effect. If you want to highlight a specific wall or area in your house, install this light near those areas to give an interesting definition.

  1. Yobo Lighting Polygon Wire Pendant Light

Infuse rustic elegance to your dining area, guest room or your porch with this art deco polygon wire pendant light from US Yobo. The spaces in the wire polygon throw the light in patterns to create a wonderful effect. The ceiling where this light is installed also gets illuminated with a beautiful interplay of reflected beams of light. If you have accent ceiling in your living room, hanging this pendant light would emphasize the artistic details on the ceiling.

  1. Coolwest Mini Vintage Edison Caged Pendant Light

Let your home bask in the warmth of this vintage pendant light from Coolwest’s Edison range. If your home is decorated with the traditional theme, this light would blend perfectly with the vintage vibe of your interior space. The wire cage is designed to encase the light bulb for greater illumination on targeted areas like kitchen, vanity room or in front of an accent wall in your living room.