You’ve built the ideal she shed, craft room, book nook or yoga room. Now, decorate your cozy space especially for you.

  • Decide on a theme, such as warm and woodsy, beachy and nautical, or boho chic.
  • Decorate around a favorite statement piece, such as a comfy tufted sofa and chair, or a thick, plush area rug.
  • Incorporate warm lighting that you can adjust, such as lights with dimmer switches, glowing light strings or programmable smart lights that change colors.
  • Use “hide-away” furniture, such as sleeper sofas or Murphy beds.
  • Include your pets’ cozy beds.
  • Keep an electric blanket or warm afghan handy for frigid nights.
  • Incorporate plants in wooden pots for a cozy cabin feel or large tropical palms for a warm beach vibe.
  • Include a coffee maker or electric tea kettle for fresh, hot brews.
  • Decorate with your kids’ artwork, vacation photos or favorite souvenirs.

Infographic provided by Sofas & Sectionals