How would we know who an electrician is? That is our basic question here. We must first distinguish him from other technicians and mechanics that come to our office or home to get the job done. Well, alright here we will discuss who an electrician is and what job can we expect from him.

 Who Is An Electrician?

Any person whose profession specializes to work on electrical wires of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines and other equally related equipments is an electrician. The electrician can work in any kind of building or machinery because every building and machinery have electrical work to be done before being declared to be fit for operational purpose.

A few years down the line, you would require a reliable electrician to refurbish your old wires and switches in your home and office. Here we would require an electrician who knows how to turn the old into new. Installing a new connection is easier than getting the old lines restored. The job becomes more complicated with the restoration of old lines. In that case, we will not go around and bring in any electrician to do the work. We would naturally look for a reliable electrician.

Where To Look For A Reliable Electrician

A reliable electrician can be found employed with electrical contractors. They are business houses that commission well trained or knowledgeable people to get electrical jobs done successfully. Generally, you will find a good and well-versed electrician in such places because the contractor becomes responsible and if anything goes wrong then the contractor will get the work redone. So, in that case, it is always recommended that a reliable electrician be hired from an electrical contractor.

Requisites Of A Good And Reliable Electrician

An electrician’s job entails a lot of dangers and hazards that come with the job. In some cases, if the electrician is not aware of his job properly, he may lose his life. So, it is always wise to look out for an electrician who is formally trained to do the job.

In doing so, what must we look out for? the simple fact that we must first see which contractor’s house he belongs because registered contractors generally hire people with formal training and certificates.

A well trained and reliable electrician with registration or licensing is a must for the safety of all the people concerned.

What A Reliable Electrician Must Know

Every state has different sets of rules and regulations for electrical wiring. A reliable electrician must compulsorily be aware of these rules and regulations. If he is not aware of them, he is bound to make grave mistakes that could lead to the loss of lives.

The most important thing that a reliable electrician must know is the equipments and components that he is supposed to handle and work with.

Color Coding Rules

Electrical wires are generally distinguished by their colors. Different colors specify different phases. A reliable electrician should know according to the state’s color specification, the significance of each colour. This is very vital because without this knowledge a host of dangers will cross the path of the electrician and for the people whom he is doing the job.

Which Type Of Electrician Should You Call

Depending on the nature of your work, you must know which category of electrician you should call to do your work. If you are having a problem in the main transmission line or in the distribution system, then a lineman should be roped in to do the work. This is also a major work, without which all electrical lines may collapse. Here again, the company or the contractor who oversees getting the job done must have a reliable electrician on his payroll.


If an electrician does not have adequate knowledge, then he is in for big trouble. The first requisite is the license of the electrician. Only then is he allowed to work. The electrician must be registered with the contractor under whom he is working. Every reliable electrician must be registered with the state in which he lives. These licenses are controlled by the state so that he can easily be tracked when required. It is the most vital factor of a good electrician.