The worst plumbing nightmare one can face is tackling a clogged drain. When you come face to face with such a situation you must be equipped with the proper techniques and tools required to solve the issue. Unclogging the drain is done most efficiently by a professional plumber but can also be done by you at home if there is an emergency. There are several home remedies for this problem, but the drains can be unclogged thoroughly only by a few effective measures. One such measure is using a snake to clean the pipes and plumbing systems connected to your drain.

#1. Snaking Your Drain to Make It Squeaky Clean

The initial try to unclog any kind of drain, be it your bathtub or sink is to try and use the plunger. If this method fails, then you should resort to using a snake. A snake can be either motor-driven or manual. These are also available in the market by the name of pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are shorter than snakes in length. They are useful for day to day activities like cleaning your sink after washing a bunch of dishes and bowls.

#2. The First Step Is to Arrange the Proper Tools

The two most basic and important tools required for unclogging a drain is a plunger and a snake. A snake is available at any hardware or plumbing shop. It is a metallic cable with a small auger or uncoiled spring at one end and a handle on the other end. The length of the cable is around 50 feet. The improper use of the snake can lead to damage to your pipes or even cause a leak. The snakes try to physically remove the substance that is causing the clog and clears the obstruction that is spoiling your plumbing line.

#3. The Next Step Is to Lay Down Protective Covers

You must wear appropriate old clothes and lay own covers that might avoid the mess that is created due to clogged drains. You can use some old towels around the sink and wear an old t-shirt that is disposable. The process of snaking might get messy depending on the nature of the clog.

#4. Next, You Can Try to Resolve the Blockage by Removing The P-Trap or Trap Arm

This step is completely optional though it might help to get the drains cleaned much more easily. The c-arm can be removed manually with the help of a wrench and get the unwanted substance removed. If these parts are glued shut, then do not apply excessive force as it might lead to permanent damage.

#5. In the Next Step Insert the Snake in The Drain

Thread the auger slowly and steadily into the drain and begin uncoiling the snake using the handle. Be careful not to force the auger too hard as it could damage the pipes. Keep twirling the auger in the anti-clockwise direction while keeping the handle of the snake as close to the entrance of the pipe as possible. If you feel resistance you have reached the point of obstruction. You should move the snake in back and forth as well as up and down. This will break up the obstruction. You should try snaking the drain in such a manner to try and get maximum dirt out. Pull the snake out slowly and assemble the parts.

#6. Check If There Is Accurate Drainage

Once you are done snaking your sink, check if there is proper disposal of water and whether you have successfully unclogged the drains. If there still seems to be pooling retry the snaking gently. Snaking is pretty easy and can resolve your problems in a jiffy. Snaking your drains, if done in a well-informed manner, can be the solution to your drainage problems.