Upholstery deals with providing different furniture (especially ones for sitting) with paddings, webbing, springs and fabric covers. It covers a whole range from domestic seats to automobile or airplane seats, including mattresses, boat furniture, etc. There are various types of upholsteries depending on where it is used. Traditional upholsteries include the padding and cushions on chairs, sofas. This particular type has grown a lot over the years. Other than this, there is an automobile, commercial, marine upholstery which are much in use too.

While decorating your house, interior decorators these days not only stress on wall hangings, furniture, showpieces, and curtains but also on matching upholsteries. It has almost become an integral part of decorating and hence personalizing the house according to your tastes or choices. One may decorate a house with a lot of different paints on the walls and furniture or decorative to go with it, but the kind of upholsteries always gives the finishing touches to the decoration that brings life to the rooms.

There are a few things that must be kept in mind while choosing the right kinds of upholstery for your house. A living room is the most visible part of your house. Any guest that turns up does not necessarily go to the bedrooms or the study rooms it is the living room or the entrance that provides the first impression of your house. Also, a well-decorated living room is always a boost- it lightens up the moods of the people since it’s the living room where the family spends the maximum time together. While decorating the living room upholsteries, few points must surely be kept in mind.

Here Are Few Such Tips:

1) Maintaining A Simple Color Palette: Colors and patterns are the primary things one notices while buying any upholstery. They may look very nice but how well they match with the decor and furniture of the living room, is extremely important. The color of the upholstery must go hand in hand with everything else in the room, to make it a lively and comfortable space for you Brighter or lighter colors are always your kind of choice. In general, solid colors, subtle patterns on velvet clothes or other heavy fabrics look good on sofas, chairs, benches, etc. 

2) Choosing the Right Texture: A variety of textures in the different sizes of furniture in the living room always gives it a better look. One may choose a matte look or a shiny, velvety look so that each of the furniture stands out in its own way and yet they go hand in hand. The fabric must also be that is quite durable for regular use. 

3) Considering the Level of Comfort: A living room is a place where the furniture and upholsteries are always in use. Thus, while choosing upholstery for living room choices must always be made by considering how much comfort it provides. The type of comfort they provide must agree with your lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy a cozy sitting on the couch, such kind of a soft upholstery must be bought along with a few cushions and matching pillowcases to complement it. 

4) Choosing the Right Shape:  Dependent on the contours of the furniture used in the living room. Curvaceous and angular pieces of upholsteries always add warmth to the room. 

5) Choosing the Right Pattern: The geometries on the upholsteries used to enhance the look of the room. While choosing such a pattern, one must take into consideration the size of the living room. Bold patterns are better used in large rooms while smaller rooms are enhanced when mini patterns are used. There must be touches of different patterns here and there to give the room an edgy look.

A mismatching of colors or patterns while adding upholsteries can be a major setback to the look of the living room. Hence a cautious eye while buying upholsteries that portray your taste is extremely important. They should not just be comfortable to sit on but also equally soothing to the eye.