Are you looking for an affordable and effective way to increase productivity and improve the health and happiness of your employees? You’ve come to the right place! No matter what your industry, we believe fatigue mats are the ideal choice for all applications across any industry!

For those who have never invested in fatigue matting and aren’t sure how they can benefit your business, allow us to explain! These mats are designed to force the user into making tiny movements at all times, which actually reduces the overall strain on the body and ensures they don’t become as tired as quickly. In turn, your employees will experience a decrease in stress levels, and an increase in productivity! Your staff are also less likely to experience a standing related injury when using fatigue mats, such as poor circulation and foot, leg and lower back pain – just to name a few!

Now that you understand how these mats work, you can learn more about how to use them in your workplace!

  • Factory and Industrial Settings

Originally designed for factory and industrial use, anti-fatigue mats are the perfect choice for these settings. For staff on production lines, standing on their feet all day will quickly become tiring and even cause long lasting damage. With high-quality matting, you can ensure your employees are comfortable and increase productivity at the same time!

  • Retail Stores

As retail assistants are also expected to spend multiple hours every day on their feet, investing in premium fatigue mats is the ideal way to keep them comfortable and healthy. Simply placing the matting behind the counter can drastically improve their endurance, which is a must for any type of retail business – from clothing store to super markets, and even for florists!

  • Offices

As sitting desks give way to convertible sit/stand options, it’s important that businesses provide their staff with everything needed to ensure they remain healthy. Whilst sitting has been labelled ‘the new smoking’, standing for extended periods of time can cause damage as well. With fatigue mats designed for office use, you can take advantage of functional matting that is designed to be aesthetic in appearance and blend in with the existing flooring material.

  • Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens and food preparation areas require matting that can meet a range of requirements with ease. Not only should they ensure staff are comfortable and free from long-term injury, they should also be easy to clean and resistant to bacteria-growing grease and oils. Thankfully, grease-proof matting is available with anti-fatigue properties, so your business can invest immediately.

  • Boats and Marine

Similar to commercial kitchens, boats and marine based industries require anti fatigue mats that are completely slip resistant! It should come as no surprise that employees in these types of businesses are more likely to be injured due to slipping on water than due to standing still all day (though both can be incredibly serious). If you work in this sector, invest in matting designed specifically for wet areas.

  • Hotels

Combining the needs of retail areas and commercial kitchens, employees working within hotels are often required to spend long hours on their feet without respite. Whether they are working behind the bar or at the front desk, a quality cushioning mat can do wonders to decrease stress and pain whilst increasing comfort levels.

As you can see, no matter what industry you work in, fatigue mats are an easy and affordable way to ensure your employees are happy and healthy, comfortable and stress free – in short, the ideal way to be sure you’re employing a productive team! If you’re considering purchasing anti-fatigue matting, wait no more, and contact your local safety matting experts today!