We present new living room interior design ideas for 2019.

Remodelling your living room is no cakewalk. You’re appreciative of the fact that décor styles change year on year, but how do you incorporate the best ones? Here are some home décor ideas to get you started:

Bolder is better. For years now, designers have been playing it safe with living room décor colours, and this applies primarily to walls. White, beige, off white, dove grey, bone green…it’s time to move away from these tired shades and try out bolder, more vibrant hues. The hottest living room interior trend for colours is to go bold, with teal, indigo, navy blue, bottle green and charcoal grey for the walls, and cherry pink, purple and sunshine yellow for furnishings.

Comfortable seating is in. It’s time to do away with seating furniture that looks like it was sculpted in an Italian workshop, or purchased from an art gallery. Ornamental, statement furniture is out. Jazz up with your own twist on the modern Indian living room – go for comfort rather than visual appeal. You know what this means: get that big, roomy couch you’ve been eyeing for a while, and not that ornate one.

Boho is in. We’re really tripping on the boho vibe in clothing and accessories, but what do you say to some boho living room décor? It’s not as simple as it initially looks – think really well about how artsy you want to be, the colours and fabrics you’re going to use, and the furniture and seating arrangement you’re going to make – or you’ll just end up with a shabby living room. Go bohemian with your living room décor with a slight clash – mix modern furniture with vintage furnishings, and muted colours with jazzy embellishment.

Lighten up. The dominant trend in modern Indian living rooms is set to be lighter colours. But this applies primarily to the floors. In 2019, we’re thinking light hardwood floors, or off white/bone grey ceramic tiles. Light flooring is the best way to make the living room interiors stand out, and the room to look bigger than it is.

Bring metals to the table. You will dig this new living room décor trend, for sure. It’s about adding a metal finish to your living room furniture. Think a black metal frame around the mirror, or around a big artwork on the wall. Or a metal plate finish to the couch and table legs, or even adding a burnished copper bowl as a centrepiece in the room. Coloured metal is in, and it’s totally welcome!

Flower power! Organic gardening is a major trend all over the world, and there is nothing more pleasurable than showing off the roses and chrysanthemums you’ve been lovingly growing at home. Invest in large plant pots and display your flowering plants, and use smaller pots for a row of herbs.