Neon signs have become a part of the urban culture in many parts of the world. Today, they’re making a successful entry into the world of interior design. Home décor trends suggest that neon signs are becoming fashionable once again due to their charm and vintage appeal.

Is the addition of neon signs to your interior a good idea and if so, how exactly should you utilize such decorations? Here’s everything you need to know about the topic.

Neon Signs Add Personality to Your Home

Whether you opt for a vintage sign or modern neon signage, you will be adding some personality to your home’s interior.

Neon signs brag several elements. They could feature typography, a meaningful message and an interesting icon. All of these work together to convey a message, deliver some information or make people smile.

A neon sign can easily be incorporated in an interior design concept to create an eclectic décor. Regardless of their size and colorfulness, neon signs are pretty bold and noticeable. If the rest of the interior is subdued, the installation of the sign will create a nice focal point and it will add a bit of contrast to the interior.

Neon signs are quite trendy right now and you can accomplish a wide range of things through the selection of the right one. In addition, a neon sign can easily be added to any part of the living space. It will give the room a bit of charm, a lot of personality and some distinctive appeal.

A Neon Sign Can Replace Art in Your Home

Many interior designers are incorporating neon signs into their concepts as a form of modern art.

From light sculptures to inspirational wall quotes, all of these can replace traditional art forms like paintings, posters and photographs.

Some of the best results are achieved through the selection of authentic and vintage neon signs. These carry the mood and the character of the respective decade or the place where they come from. Hence, a large pub sign placed on the wall in the living room can add to the jolly atmosphere and the warmth of the place.

Neon sign art can be as literal or as abstract as you want it to be. It will fit in nearly every home interior concept – from rustic and cozy to minimalist and sterilely clean.

Discrepancies Result in Eclectic Design

One trend that is pretty hot in the world of interior design right now involves the incorporation of eclectic, disparate elements in the same concept.

Outdoor neon signs can result in a massive discrepancy, giving the interior design a lot of visual appeal and originality.

Imagine a home décor concept executed in neutral colors. Add a pop of bright pink on a black wall (in the form of a neon flamingo, for example). Initially, the neon sign will appear to be completely out of place. Eventually, however, people will start getting used to the oddness of it all.

Eclectic designs are bold, colorful and in complete opposition of many interior design rules. These are some of the reasons why they appeal to so many people. Eclectic décors provide room for self-expression and a sign is one of the ideal tools for accomplishing the goal.

You have a wide range of choices – from old restaurant neon signs to custom neon signage created just for you. What matters when opting for such decorations is choosing one high quality, noticeable piece. It will turn into the room’s focal point, which is why it has to be visually appealing and meaningful enough. Choosing one statement piece is a much better idea than scattering numerous signs around without accomplishing visual integrity.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.