Your home is more than just a house. It is your biggest asset, where you spend the most time, and an expression of yourself. Many people spend a lot of time decorating the inside of their house, while giving less thought to the external appearance. Yet, when visitors come to your home, the outside is what they see first. Does your home seem welcoming for guests, and does it make a good first impression? One small thing that can make a big difference is having an entrance mat that matches your home decor.

Entrance mats for inside and out

The mat you place outside your door serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The most basic reason to have a mat outside is so that people can scrape dust, dirt, mud or snow off their shoes before they enter the house. For external use, you’ll want to consider the conditions the mat will be facing when making your selection. In addition to its practical use, however, this mat can also make a welcoming statement to your guests.
Many people also use an entrance mat inside the door, in their entryway or hall. These mats have less rugged use, so you can find a wider range of materials that are fitting for this purpose.  You also want to ensure that the interior mat fits with the decor of your home. Here are some ideas:
  • Extra-plush entrance mat – crush resistant, ideal for wiping moisture, quick dry, stain-resistant
  • Cotton plush entrance mat – high performance, heavy duty, perfect for both homes and commercial environments; soft fibers
  • Easy clean welcome mat – machine washable, non-slippery
  • Clean step – adhesive coating, 60 pads available, excellent for your hallway

Size and shape

The first thing to consider when buying an entrance mat is the size you want. You should get one that is substantial enough for the size of your entryway. A mat that is too small can look inadequate, and may be bypassed. A large person should be able to stand comfortably with both feet on the mat. While rectangular entry mats are most common, oval mats are also a great option if you want to add spark to the inside of your home.

Entrance mat materials

For outside your house, you want to select a material for your entry mat that is rugged enough to suit the conditions. It may be outside in the rain or snow, and it may get wet, muddy shoes rubbed across it. Think about how easy it will be to clean, too. Inside mats have less demands on them, so don’t need to be as durable. Here are a few options.
  • Rubber – Rubber mats are easy to clean and durable in bad weather. They are usually not the most decorative, though.
  • Carpet – These mats have a piled carpet surface on a rubber or vinyl backing.  They’re practical, and come in many designs.
  • Coco – These doormats have tough fibers which are excellent at removing dirt from people’s shoes.  They come with different designs, and can be quite attractive.
  • Rope – You can buy doormats made of rope woven into a decorative design.  These have a nautical feel to them.
  • Wood and bristle – The bristles on one of these mats are good for removing dirt, while the wood gives it a natural appeal.

Style of your mat

For your outside mat, you want something that will work well with the exterior of your house. A mat that works well with a Southwestern home could look quite out of place at a Victorian house. For your inside mat, think about what will go well with your interior design, in terms of both color and style. This helps to give your entryway a unified look, and make a good first impression for your visitors.
Matching entrance mats with your interior decor is an affordable way of redecorating the hallway, Purchase a doormat made of resistant materials like rubber or coir and decide on a beautiful pattern. There are so many designs and patters available on the market. Bring your home to like, make it appealing for guests and get the most chic and innovative doormat that you can find.